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Student Leadership Excellence


About the program

Companies are asking for their employees to have the interpersonal and leadership skills to succeed in a professional environment. To support a career-focused approach in high school, Ohio is committed to offering students opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials. The Student Leadership Excellence certificate is included on the Ohio Department of Education’s list of approved industry-recognized credentials and is worth 3 points toward an alternate pathway to graduation. 


"This is the best professional learning experience I've seen in the last 25 years.  Not only does the learning apply to everyone - from students to seasoned administrators - it's immediately applicable to all leaders."

"The Leadership Excellence training was perfect for my team.  Our trainers took us from philosophy to action in our learning about leadership.  Watching my team put their learning into practice consistently after their certification was inspirational."

Student Leadership excellence (3 Steps)


1) Staff and Teacher Professional Development (PD)

Your staff takes the Leadership Excellence class as a student (8hrs).  This imparts all of these best-practice leadership skills to all your school's leaders.


2) Train-the-Trainer

Choose a select number of teachers/admin from step 1 to take the Train the Trainer course and offer this program to students.  Upon successful completion the Train-the-Trainer certifies these teachers to offer the program to your students.  It includes:

  • 18 hours of classroom TtT activities.
  • 1:1 evaluation and feedback for each participant.
  • Includes editable handouts for all participants to use when delivering class.
  • Evaluation rubric.
  • Completion certificate that gives approval for conducting classes for students.


3) Student Leadership Excellence Classes

Juniors & Seniors (you choose) attend this offering and upon successful completion, receive 3 points toward graduation.  The student leadership excellence includes the following elements:

  • Classroom instruction (approx 14 hours)
  • Hands-on Practicum (demonstrate new leadership skills)
  • Completion of Practicum Report
  • Final Exam Completion (75% pass)
  • Certificate for each student who successfully completes this process.


How can I offer this program?

  • Individual schools host where one school district offers and conducts the entire program.
  • Regional offering where multiple school district combine candidates and share costs - perhaps through your ESC.
  • Contact us for other ideas.

How much does it cost?

  • Talk to us for the details.  We can offer it at least two ways: Cost per person, or Cost per offering.   We will work with you to do what makes sense. 
  • Per person (regional offering).
  • Per offering (single organization).
  • In-person or virtual options available.

Can I see the student test?

Yes, all approved instructors will have a copy of the student final exam so that they can create helpful quizzes, etc.  We trust the teacher and their integrity not to share the test with students.

What will our approved instructors receive?

  • All handouts in MS Word that can be edited.
  • Suggested script for conducting each session.
  • Guideline to set up practicum.
  • Final exam

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