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About Us


Our Experience & Research

We are unique in that 1) we have experience leading actual organizations and 2) the up-to-date research on what works best.  Broad experience plus the latest research to help you create a healthy, high-performing organization.


Our Approach

No assumptions or cookie cutter solutions.  We 'll understand your unique situation and apply the best targeted approaches to create a healthy culture, an engaged workforce, a compelling strategy, and bottom-line results.  Our training is different.  We are experts in how to train so that our workshops stick.  People come away knowing what to do and ready to apply what they've learned.  If your previous training has not been a good investment, give us a try.  You'll be pleased with the return on investment with us.


Why Us?

Most workshops and consulting are a waste of time and money.  Our unique approach syncs up with the latest neurological research to create long-term behavior change.   We partner with you to bring about the impact you need. 

In short, we make a difference for every organization we touch.



Humility - learn from the best, share it with others.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself.  It is thinking of yourself less.  ~ C.S. Lewis

Action - nothing happens until we take action.

We are what we repeatedly do.      ~ Aristotle

Value - add it, every day, every time.

The goal isn't to live forever.  The goal is to create something that will.

Priorities - focus on what matters most.

Direction is so much more imporant than speed.  Many are going nowhere fast.


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