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Speaking Services



Need a positive, motivating keynote for your next event?  We'll craft one that is engaging, thoughtful, and suited just for your team. 


We help teams solve all sorts of issues.  Or perhaps your retreat needs some positive team building.  We create what you need to accomplish.

Speaking Coach

Is the lack of communication skills holding you back?  Our speaker coaching services may be just what you need. 

As a business coach for years (certified through CTI) and a public speaker for decades.  I know how difficult speaking can be.  I've refined my own speaking to the point where I am very comfortable and get very good results.  My goals for you would include what  most speakers want:

 1. Learn Techniques for easing anxiety when preparing to deliver a talk. 

2. Structure your talk with the audience in mind. 

3. Adopt a format that will lead to a dynamic presentation that makes sense. 

4. How to speak (tone, volume, eye contact, emphasis, emotional content etc.) 

5. Build rapport with any audience. 

6. Present effectively to senior leaders.

7. Helpful resources to read and apply. 

8. Any other items you wish to add!

Includes live observation and feedback of at least two presentations.