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Leadership Excellence (8-16 hrs)

"Before you are a leader success is all about growing yourself.  After becoming a leader, success is all about growing others."  ~ Jack Welch 

A sacred priviledge - leading others.  Learn how to be an exemplary leader through the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership.  For 30 years this approach has stood the test of time.  Make sure your leaders have these skills to lead your organization to a compelling future.


  • Increase credibility as a leader.
  • Foster strong relationships with your team members, peers, and your supervisor.
  • Inspire others through purpose and shared vision.
  • Create an environment that values and embraces creativity and innovation.
  • Enable of your team members through support and self determination.
  • Adopt ways to encourage that is genuine and raises performance.

The First Time Leader (6 hrs)

Big transition.  Equip your new leaders for success.  Hit the ground running with the 6 essentials skills they'll need. 


  • Hold people and teams accountable.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Build and lead strong teams.
  • Foster higher levels of engagement.
  • Listen to understand.
  • Assess situations avoiding bias and other traps.

1:1 Coaching (2 times per month)

This is our secret sauce.  With our certified coaches, your leader's professional development will take off.  Our workshops plus 1:1 leadership coaching leads to real accountability and new habits.  One workshop with us is like 9 with others without this state-of-the-art approach to developing leaders that significantly raises retention, long-term skills formation, and application.  Here are some ways people use a certified coach.

  • Deepen the learning from workshops and mentoring.
  • Have a safe sounding board to talk about the difficult and scary stuff.
  • Discover blind spots that may be limiting your growth.
  • Dramatically grow as a person and professional.
  • Discover your creative and resourceful self.
  • Experience transformative growth.
  • Lock in new skills.

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We've been doing this a while. Our other Leadership offerings:

- Leadership Art of Questioning (4 hrs)

- The Coaching Leader (4 hrs)

- Leading Through Strengths (4 hrs)

- Ready for the Future: Developing High-Potentials and Succession Planning (4 hrs)

- The Transformational Executive: Leading at the very top to transform business (8 hrs)

- The First Time Leader: The 6 Basic Skills to Help you Hit the Ground Running and Perform as a new

   manager (6 hrs)

- Leading Change: Implementing change initiatives with high levels of buy-in leading to permanent 

   change (8 hrs)

- Principled Leadership: Timeless principles for professional and organizational excellence (16 hrs)

- Time Leadership: Beyond To-Do lists to accomplishing what matters most in your life. (8 hrs)

- Transformational Leadership: Fostering creativity and innovation thinking that doesn’t let obstacles

   stop them. (4 hrs)

- Leading Above the Line: Mastering ourselves to create true accountability, ownership, and victorious 

   businesses. (4 hrs)

- The Thinking Leader: Think smarter through the CRAFT methodology.



 •“Powerful…makes me reflect on myself, my team, and where I need to grow.” 

•“Great training…I think it will benefit my work and personal life immediately.” 

• What outcomes did you achieve? Responses included: 

–“To foster a growth mindset.” 

–“Better questions/deeper conversations/improved outcomes.” 

–“Become a learner rather than simply default to judger.” 

–“More buy-in, better results.” 

–“Build stronger relationships.” 

–“Self-reflection – growth as a leader.” 

–“Become a more effective leader to support all.”  

 Jim has changed my life both inside and outside of work. He began the program stating that with this training and coaching, our lives would change, and they certainly did. Leadership development is self-development and that quote is exemplified by this training. With Jim’s continued help and support, we have made many changes to our organizational structure … This has all led to a major transformation within our workforce including an expansion that doubled our size and with plans to again double our shop size in the future. Because of the buy-in and dedication from our employees to our shared vision, we would not be where we are today in terms of our quality and customer satisfaction. I would again like to thank our coach, Jim Franks and everyone else behind the scenes that supported us in this transformation. 

~ Director of HR, Machinery Service Organization.

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