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Breakthrough Communications (4 hrs)


Today it is not enough to know what to say but also ensure that one is heard and understood as well as understand others.  Ineffective communications is the #1 reason for employee feelings of dissatisfaction and poor buy-in and results. In this workshop participants will learn to tailor their communications for their audience, understand typical obstacles (internal and external) to effective communications and gain access to the tools to communicate clearly. When these skills are applied participants will be able to foster trust, improved relationships and streamline operations to achieve superior mission objectives. 


· Build stronger connections with others.

· Influence others more effectively.

· Gain willing cooperation from team members.

· Motivate teams to get better results.

· Learn to disagree agreeably.

· Learn the keys to resolving conflict.

· Give feedback that improves performance.

· Learn how to handle broken promises, missed deadlines, etc. more effectively.

Interpersonal Communications and skills


Listening: The Lost Art of Masterful Communications. (4 hrs)

Few of us listen well.  If we want to be master communicators we must.  This workshop delves into this most critical skill.  We do it everyday but many times at a very poor level.  If you want to excel professionally and especially as a leader, you must focus on developing this skill.


  • Learn why this skill is so crucial.
  • Identify obstacles to effective listening.
  • Gain skill in listening to understa nd.
  • Adopt tools to ensure your listening is top notch.
  • Ensure clarity of your message through listening!

Dealing with Difficult People (4 hrs)

  We all know them – those people with whom it is so difficult to work. We must deal with these people since they hamper productivity, effective teamwork, and a healthy culture. This workshop lays out 9 common difficult types of people and how to deal with each. We also impart a step-by-step way to have those difficult discussions. This is the workshop to help your team deal with difficult people once and for all.


· Work more effectively with difficult people.

· Gain cooperation and change behavior without arousing resentment.

· Apply tips for negotiating and compromising with difficult people.

Interpersonal Skills for Engineers & Technical Staff (8 hrs)

Engineers and Technical Staff may be gifted in their technical skills but need help with the people skills.  This fun, interactive, fast-paced set of short workshops imparts skills over time to ensure retention and successful adoption.  Coupled with this regular learning are 1:1 coaching sessions (2x per month, 6 months). Four 2-hr sessions over time.


  • Buy-in to gaining people skills
  • Complete 360 people skills assessment. (2x, at start and after six months)
  • Gain clarity into people skill problems.
  • Learn skills, tools, and attitude shifts that will change the way you deal with people.
  • Practice new skills.
  • Commit to improvement.
  • Work with accountability partners and supervisor to apply and get feedback.