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Leadership Development

A sacred priviledge - leading others.  Learn how to be an exemplary leader through the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership.  For 30 years this approach has stood the test of time.  Make sure your team has these skills to lead your organization to a compelling future.

Healthy Teams

Leaders get things done through others.  Do you know what it takes to build healthy teams?  And what individual attributes should you seek and develop in team members?  This is the ultimate competitive advantage.  Make sure your teams are equipped.

1:1 Coaching

This is our secret sauce.  With our certified coaches, your leader's professional development will take off.  Our workshops plus 1:1 leadership coaching leads to real accountability and new habits.  One workshop with us is like 9 with others without this state-of-the-art approach to developing leaders. 

Building a Highly Engaged Workforce

How do you foster a culture of engagement?  The answers are not simple or necessarily easy, but it starts with the leader's behaviors.  Make sure your leadership team is taking responsibility for their part.

Breakthrough Communications

Unfortunately, not everyone comes to us with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively.  This workshop focuses on what hinders our connection with others and the brain functions that can help and hinder our efforts to communicate.  Find out these details and experience a new level of understanding and being understood.

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