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The Thinking Leader

Your world is complex and the solutions are not always obvious.  With the right tools you can get a handle on any issue.  Our critical thinking process can bring clarity and rational solutions to your most important issues.

Our Approach: CRAFT

  • C: Clarity - get clear on what's happening or what happened.
  • R: Perform a root cause analysis to get at the real reason for the issue.
  • A: Action Plan - what actions should be taken and when?
  • F: Future Planning - what can we anticipate in the future with regard to this issue?  How can we mitigate risks, capitalize on new opportunities?
  • T: Teamwork - effectively implement with your teams to ensure buy-in and full adoption.


"Jim and his team helped us get our arms around a really difficult issue.  The process was well organized and revealing.  Through our work together we discovered what was really happening and solved a key performance issue.  Even better, we solved other related issues that came to light through our work."

Edwin R., VP Operations

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